About Live Alive

A weekly dose of motivation, right in your back pocket.
Created to inspire you to bring the best version of you into everything you do, so you can create the life of your dreams. This podcast is your guide to taking the small, consistent steps to realize your vision.

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About our podcast

Live Alive podcast is for the person ready to stop living according to the status quo and shift into intentional, purposeful living.

Join us as we give you the principles of authentic, passionate living. We’re sharing what helped us shift from existing to living and what we’re learning along the way, all while guiding you through your journey on the pursuit of the life you dream of.

Whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder, building a business or dreaming of being a stay at home parent, this is the podcast to help you cultivate passion, purpose and motivation in your everyday life.

The story behind the brand

Live Alive is a movement designed to inspire and empower others to harness the light within them and bring one hundred percent of themselves into everything they do.

This movement first took form as a lifestyle apparel brand in 2012. Founder and original spark of this movement, Reggie Wilson, shared his vision and inspired others to live alive.

Live Alive podcast is our way of carrying the torch and continuing this movement.

For more on Reggie and the Live Alive movement, check out Episode 0: Live Alive.